Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sooo a little late but here's my idea, Printing cyanotypes on victorian flower print fabric which I will be coating myself. My only dilemma right now is which pictures I want to use for the assignment, so I've made some digital examples of both, let me know which ones you like better. I've also decided to use only mostly blue flower prints.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


For my final project I am printing two 16x20 tintypes on metal and framing them in awesome possum frames. I may not have had the best luck with tintypes in the past but I am determined to show this process who's boss. The theme of my images is Atlanteans, as if they just happened to wash up on shore hundreds of thousands of years after the disappearance of the lost city, looking youthful and determined. I've been infatuated with ancient Egypt and Atlantis (swore on my life when I was 10 that I will discover it) since I was a wee little munchkin so this will be a fun project to shoot, style and process. I made a warrior staff and am currently sewing together a muslin skirt/loincloth thingy. I was inspired by Rodarte's 2010 Spring runway look, with the tribal sleeves and crazy futuristic (Atlantean looking to me) tattoos. I rewatched Disney's Atlantis just for the hell of it as well.

everyone loves disney!

Monday, April 12, 2010


so i want to do portraiture for my final project and i want to use the tin type process. i got sheets of steel and i am going to go play with them at 3d and see what i can do to manipulate the edges or something. i went to 6 tattoo shops in sarasota taking portraits of most the tattoo artist in town .. check it out

Friday, April 9, 2010

Day or Night ? or both
For this final im gonna use the platinu palladium process to produce panoramic images, my idea is to find a nice location and go there and shoot a panoramic image during daylight them I will return to the place at night time and shoot the same image then. I will then try to merge them to create a day/night image.... This is kind of out there so I really dont know if I'm gona be able to pull it off... I always love the final outcome of these experiments, lets see what comes out of it this time.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Portraits in Color

For my final I was thinking of using cynaotypes and playing a little more with color like in my first pictures. The theme I was thinking of doing is portraits of various people both male and female and for now I havent found the models but if I cant find any I will change my theme a little. As for playing with changing the color I have already a few ideas of different colors I want to try so it should be interesting to see the end result.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bird Inspired

For my final, I want to do portraits of women, but bird inspired. I don't have images to show you of how I want it to look, but the portraits are relying on the makeup and the feathers that I have. I have 5 different kinds of feathers: Eagle, pheasant, raven, yellow canary, and turkey. I'm not sure how I feel about the turkey feathers because those aren't as fun as the others, but we'll see. The process I am doing is polaroid transfer because the color of the photos is important and I really like the look of the end product. What I think is going to happen is that I'm going to use several transfers to make a bigger picture because I feel these pictures would definitely be better larger. This sounds kind of vague, but I actually have quite a bit of it planned out, I just need to get a few more items and then need to shoot.

Pinhole to Cyanotype

So, I've decided more on my process than I have on my actual concept at this point. I'm planning on shooting with a pinhole camera that I made out of a small suitcase, shooting paper negatives (regular Ilford multigrade paper), scanning it in, processing it, printing digital negatives, and then printing those over cyanotypes.

I have a few test images from the camera that I flipped and slightly edited just as examples from the actual camera. I'm planning on continuing to shoot landscape and architectural type shots for the assignment, although I don't have any particular issue with shooting portraiture for this. I will update as soon as I know what I want to shoot.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sleep Paralysis

As someone who experiences this occurrence regularly, I want to try to portray the disturbing feeling and imagery that accompanies the sleep disorder Sleep Paralysis. This disorder causes a person to wake up in their conscious mind before the body is awake (still under temporary paralysis natural to REM sleep) However, as they are conscious and looking about the room, the dream chemical still pumps in the brain, often causing terrifying auditory and visual hallucinations. Strange, evil presences are sensed all while the person is completely unable to move. I think this project will serve as a great outlet for me as well as an educating experience about a disorder that has largely been shunned and covered up in the modern medical world. I've found some images that express the feelings/sights I have been familiar with.

I plan on working with Platinum Palladium, and because it's a bit easier to get a precise print, I want to experiment with distressing my negatives with scratches, blemishes and other modifications.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Fair

I would like to do my final project with platinum and palladium. my idea at the moment is to do my final project on the fair. here are a few of the pictures i will be using.