Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Fair

I would like to do my final project with platinum and palladium. my idea at the moment is to do my final project on the fair. here are a few of the pictures i will be using.


  1. Any reason for the absence of people?

  2. I just really loved the shots with out the people in them. The ones with people were horrible; i would always get someone who would walk in front of me as i was taking the pictures or someone waving at me. I do have one that shows part of the crowd at the fair but it's really dark so it's hard to see them. that was the only picture with people that looked decent enough to me.

  3. I think you need to think more about what the absence of people really means. The images you posted are of staple fair attractions, so it's assumed that there would be people riding them. It's a little haunting to see them running but completely empty, as if the fair is deserted. I'm not sure if that's what you were going for with this, but I think these images could mean a lot more than just the fair.

    If you wanted to stick with that more general fair theme, I think that the shots with people waving and walking into your shot might be useful. It would convey the congestion and the type of people that are associated with fairs.

  4. I don't really want to encourage you to focus on the absence or a congested filling of the fair. This is a decision that you must make, but given your images and unwilling to use the images of people then I would say that there is a strong feeling that is motivating your choice. Simply put, don't let the difficulty and frustration of photographing people dictate your criteria for the capture and selection of images.

    I do not want you to "photograph the parade." That meaning a overview or focused documentation of the fair. Another thing to consider is the events behind the scenes and also the idea or stereotype of the Carney.

    Honestly though, these images have an empty eeriness that show the viewer a perspective of the fair that is seldom experienced when going to the spectacle that is the fair. How is the process important to the feel of these images?

  5. I was working toward the more eeriness side of the fair. i feel connected with the loneliness of the images. The fair is something my friends and i used to go to a lot, but since graduation all of them have moved away. so the fair now has a new meaning to me, it is lonely when you are there by yourself.