Wednesday, April 14, 2010


For my final project I am printing two 16x20 tintypes on metal and framing them in awesome possum frames. I may not have had the best luck with tintypes in the past but I am determined to show this process who's boss. The theme of my images is Atlanteans, as if they just happened to wash up on shore hundreds of thousands of years after the disappearance of the lost city, looking youthful and determined. I've been infatuated with ancient Egypt and Atlantis (swore on my life when I was 10 that I will discover it) since I was a wee little munchkin so this will be a fun project to shoot, style and process. I made a warrior staff and am currently sewing together a muslin skirt/loincloth thingy. I was inspired by Rodarte's 2010 Spring runway look, with the tribal sleeves and crazy futuristic (Atlantean looking to me) tattoos. I rewatched Disney's Atlantis just for the hell of it as well.

everyone loves disney!

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  1. Post some images of your progress.

    Keep in mind that these are the only two and the hard choice is what will represent this ancient culture?

    I'm always interested in the way we want to fill in the narrative based on the evidence we have.

    Checkout Patrick Nagatani

    and Daniel Lee

    along with your own obsessions!